Dating native american arrowheads

Dating native american arrowheads

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Artifact collection for most individuals is more than a hobby; it is a passion. Each of the relics left behind by ancient Indians tells us a story; it somehow gives us a glimpse into the past. It is our duty to look for them, identify, and preserve them to divulge this past for the future generations. Whenever you hunt for Indian artifacts, arrowheads or other forms, do you really have an idea of how they will be recognized as such?.

Arrowheads and Artifacts on this page are from the earliest of the time periods. Arrowheads and Artifacts on this page date back to years ago. Artifacts and Arrowheads from this time period date back to years ago.

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American dating arrowheads native

Dating native american arrowheads

We offer honest evaluations of relics from all four time periods; Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian. Once you have developed these skills then you can separate the good authenticators from those in it for the money. I will help anyone willing to call me and learn about these things. Arrowheads can also be stemmed, stem less or notched and their edged are delicately unique and knapped. We sell and ship internationally and all buyers are welcome. Today 55 years later, I'm not only still at it but have been joined by my son who has 20 years experience of his own. The design is also an important indicator. The material of the artifact can assist in narrowing the hunt as certain materials are only available in specific regions and only certain tribes had access to particular materials.

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