Dating in scandinavia

Dating in scandinavia

The remote Norwegian islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen are usually not seen as a part of Scandinavia, nor is Greenlanda constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands may be included. The name Scandinavia originally referred to the former Danish, now Swedish, region of Scania. Scandinavia and Scandinavian entered usage in the late 18th century, being introduced by the early linguistic and cultural Scandinavist movement. Icelanders and the Faroese are to a significant extent descended from the Norse and are therefore often seen as Scandinavian. A small minority of Sami people live in the extreme north of Scandinavia.

Dating in scandinavia

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After Sales Service Int. Cruises to Northern Europe are captivating and encompass a diverse variety of landscapes, cultures and customs. On a Scandinavia cruise one can experience breathtaking fjords, spectacular cascading waterfalls and long summer days. Scandinavia's sophisticated capital cities are modern yet reflective of their ancient history and noble traditions. Amble through the cobblestone streets of their old town areas and view their colorful harbors. On a Baltic cruise guests can sail to the old world Baltic cities and explore grand palaces, medieval cities and rich history.

Palaeontologists have discovered fossil remains in Scandinavia of parrots dating back 55 million years. Reported May 14 in the journal Palaeontology, the fossils indicate that parrots once flew wild over what is now Norway and Denmark. Parrots today live only in the tropics and southern hemisphere, but this new research suggests that they first evolved in the North, much earlier than had been thought. The famous sketch revolves around establishing that a bird purchased by John Cleese is a dead parrot, and in dealing with these fossils, palaeontologists were faced with the same problem.

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The archaeological legacy of the Nordic Bronze Age culture is rich, but the ethnic and linguistic affinities of it are unknown, in the absence of written sources. Some scholars also include sites in what is now FinlandEstonianorthern Germany and Pomeraniaas part of its cultural sphere. Settlement in the Scandinavian Bronze Age period consisted mainly of single farmsteads, with no towns or substantial villages known - farmsteads usually consisted of a longhouse plus additional four-post built structures helms - longhouses were initially two aisled, and after c. Evidence of multiple longhouses at a single site have been found, but they are thought to date to different periods, rather than being of the same date. Settlements were geographically located on higher ground, and tended to be concentrated near the sea.

On our Scandinavia tours you can visit two or more of the Scandinavian and Nordic countries in one trip. In addition we offer some tours including the Baltics and Russia. Our most popular Scandinavia tours combine the Scandinavian capitals with the Norwegian fjords. Also recommended is combining one of the Scandinavia tours with a short break to Iceland.